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Capital & National Connectivity

As stated in location sub-menu, Jolshiri Abashon (Army officers Housing Project) is located at the center of the eastern fringe of the DMDP area, it is bounded by the River Balu on the west and the River Shitalakshya on the east. Jolshiri Abashon is close and easiest approach to reach from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka following Kuril Flyover 4 km, RAJUK-Purbachal 300 feet Link Road 7 km and further 1.3 km to the south of the Purbachal New Town of RAJUK and to the immediate east of the Bashundhara Residential Area right across the Balu River.

 From the Dhaka Zero Point, the project is about 21 km (route Zero Point-Mouchak-Rampura-Kuril-Purbachal New Town-Jolshiri Abashon) and 15.6 km (route Zero Point-Mouchak-Rampura-Madani Avenue-Jolshiri) away. It has as many as four links with the Purbachal New Town.


Further, it is only 6 km from the US Embassy and connects this part of the city directly through the east-bound extension of the Madani Avenue up to and beyond River Balu. This proposed road traverses the Jolshiri Abashons south perimeter and across the Shitalakshya River, will connect with the Dhaka-Sylhet National Highway. The eleven constituent Mouzas of the project area belong to Rupgonj Thana under Narayanganj district where 1 Mouza is included from Badda thana under Dhaka district.


The Balu-Shitalakshya River System with connections to the internal canals and lake system provide a rare opportunity to develop a multi-modal transport system. If not for passengers, the waterways can certainly extend goods transportation services, relieving the roads and highways. The planned conservation and conveyance capacity development of the canals and lake system will add to the process. Moreover, availability of flowing water will create and sustain a healthy soil-water regime in the project area.

The consultants also suggest that, project authorities form a Socio-Environmental Watchdog to look after compliance of all the norms, rules and regulations by different enforcement, operating and service providing agencies in turn to maintain functional and system readiness of the amenities and facilities. Particularly, solid waste handling and use of thoroughfares should be under strict vigilance to pre-empt menacing by-products of collective urban life.