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Development of the Project

Development work is ongoing to build a Well-planned, Eco friendly, Self-relicense Residential project. The project is located between River Balu and River Shitalakshya encompassing approximately 2100 (Two thousand one hundred) acres of land. Barren low lands are chosen for the project. No villages and dwellings were inside the project. As per the project implementation plan development works has been phased out. 1st Phase is almost at the closing state.

Land Development

Sand Filling

Total land has already been filled up to the formation level (7.5m PWD), which is 1m above the highest recorded flood level (1988). The sand filling procedure are shown for better understanding:

Sand filled Bulkhead Coming to dredger Loc in River Shitalakshya and Balu, Prepare to push sand along with water through Pipe line, Dredger parked at River, Pipelines through project area to intended location to be filled

    Pipelines ready to pour sand in project site, sand filling continuing, sand filling by pipelines, sand filling by cutting dredger (in addition to pipelines)        


Sand arrives the project area form sand yards of River Meghna through River Shitalakshya and River Balu. Covering such a huge area within a very short time is really remarkable.     

Dressing and Leveling     

After sand filling and necessary compaction, dressing and leveling of filled area were given emphasis. Sand filling and dressing, levelling works has been done simultaneously to achieve timely completion of task.

Plot and Road Demarcation

Plots have been demarcated on ground with pillars including plot number written on identification pillar. Anyone allotted/purchased plot can visit the sector location and identify his plot location. Besides road and commercial areas marking are underway.

Road Network 

Haring Bone (HBB) Road 

Total 139 km road network has been planned which covers 28.73% of the project area. Road varies from 140 to minimum 40 feet. At present we have completed construction of 13 km, 15 feet wide HBB road. Construction of HBB road will continue and maximum time period will be given to settle the soil compaction. Construction of Metal roads will be done in 2nd phase.

Lake and Waterfront 

As per the recommendation of water modeling conducted by BUETs Department of Water Resources Engineering to ensure the adequate drainage system and balance water flow 12 km lake has been planned. The lake will be as such will connect both River Balu and River Shitalakshya. Approximately 10 km lake is being dug out of planned 12 km in length and 200 feet wide which covers 9.62% area of the total project.


A detail landscape plan has been prepared to make the project urban green. Lakeside, riverside, roadside, parks, schools, urban green patches, walk way plantation has been given emphasis on both beautification and environment requirements. Massive plantation has been started from last rainy season. The plants collected are stocked as staked like nurseries.

Utility Service Installation


REB is going to establish 33/11 KV 20 MVA sub-station in Sector-16 at the designated place which has been handed over to them. REB has assigned Energy Pack Limited to build infrastructure and required materials for electric facilities installation. Necessary soil test and other survey has been completed. The installation work will be start soon.