Jolshiri Aqua Green City
Army Officers Housing Scheme(AHS)

Commercial Saleable Items

Commercial Plots

Jolshiri Abashon is planned to create a comprehensive modern city. Besides residential plots a good number of commercial plots have been planned to make the citizen life comfortable and self-sufficient. At the same time, major population will shift towards east as Dhaka city will expanding towards east mainly PURBACHAL NEW TOWN, BASHUNDHARA R/A and JOLSHIRI ABASHON. Government and non-government offices will shift towards the mentioned area in future.

Commercial Business District (CBD)

Economy of an area flourishes in trade of goods and services. For a full-fledged commercial and trade hub of a self-sufficient urban area like Jolshiri, an entire sector of 55.40 acres equivalent to 3.40% of the total Jolshiri area has been earmarked for the Central Business District (CBD), where bustling commercial and economic activities will be going on. It comprises of Corporate & Business Office paces, Super Markets & Shopping Malls, Central Masjid and Eidgah, and a Central Park. Located at the heart of the township, the CBD is well connected with the sectors through the efficient road and pedestrian network. For leisurely stroll and movement at ease within, a good number of commodious precincts have been integrated into it.

Corporate & Buisness Offices Spaces
Sufficient spaces are allocated for a number of corporate and business office towers, which may be a single tower or a cluster of high-rise towers evenly distributed over the area allocated within the CBD Commercial Blocks. These, with adequate parking and other facilities, are planned to meet all the corporate and business office needs of national and international level commerce, trade and services.

Super Markets & Shopping Malls

A total of 13 blocks on 17.656 acres of area, individually on 1.267 to 1.462 acres, are provisioned for this category. As before, these can be a single installation of full-fledged supermarket or a conglomerate of a number of shopping malls each on 20-30 Katha, suiting the requirements. Sufficient precincts and parking will be the integral part of the facility for comfortable shopping. In addition to above 13 CBD Commercial locks, a total of 71 commercial plots have been earmarked in this category. These on a total of 21.422 acres, will be developed individually (5 Katha to 50 Katha) and in clusters all over the Jolshiri area. Additionally, there are also space provisions for a couple of super malls on a total of 3.817 acres, also as commercial plots. There are corner shop facilities at neighborhood level to supply all the daily consumer and stationery supplies in a congenial environment, anytime and at the doorstep. The corner shops are 104 in number on a total of 4.753 acres, each on 1.31 Katha to 6.560Kata.

Health Facilities
Health is of paramount importance in human life and has been given due and patient hearing to the needs and requirements of a decent urban dwelling. A robust system of neighborhood/sector level clinics each on a piece of land 0.55 to 1.14 acre size (total 12 numbers on 10.519 acres); a general hospital and an integral medical college on 5.672 acres of land which together 16.19 acres are equivalent to about 0.76% of the entire project area; will extend a functional healthcare system covering the township population. The Medical College will complement the education establishment extending higher studies in medical science.