Jolshiri Aqua Green City
Army Officers Housing Scheme(AHS)

Loan Option

Officers may take the opportunity to pay the subscription amount by taking loan provided by Trust Bank Limited. The loan will be given in favor of Jolshiri Abashon subscription payment directly to our account. For getting the loan opportunity pre-requisites are:

a. Completion of 10 (ten) years ground service
b. CORO Order

The loan will be against pension commutation. Officer has to apply for getting loan addressing to Chairman, Jolshiri Abashon. After necessary approval by the Chairman a sanction letter will be sent to Trust Bank Limited informing the individual officer.

Please know that, we are following official procedure and it requires reaction period of minimum 7(Seven) days. Officers are requested not to send/knock frequently for getting loan urgently/after sending the application. doing so, your sanction may be withheld.

After receiving the loan sanction letter, officers has to communicate individually to the concerned bank.