Jolshiri Aqua Green City
Army Officers Housing Scheme(AHS)



There are two blue skyscrapers on the top. Blue is a color of peace, serenity, spirituality and infinity. The skyscraper denotes the growth and strong buildup and it means "you never give up;

There is a house which is painted with orange and dark red. The orange color represents enthusiasm, happiness and creativity and the dark red means the energy, strength and power. The four squares (window) with blue color and it mean the opportunity of life. In general the whole thing resembles our home sweet home. This reflects the dream of every human being.

The green wave and trees denote the greenery of Jolshiri Abashon, which is one of the attractive parts of this project.

The two blue waves signify the stairs of water and the stairs of credence. This is the most striking part of Jolshiri Abashon.


The LOGO is designed by one of our member

Major Md. Akhlaque-Uz-Zaman, EB

31st BMA Long Course