Jolshiri Aqua Green City
Army Officers Housing Scheme(AHS)

Vision & Values


Deliver sustainable living area for our valued clients with integrated smart city facilities being the pioneer of its kind in Bangladesh



Nature Conservancy

Nature is not a place to visit; its our home .

We aspire to preserve the nature to the maximum. We value enormous greeneries, and endeavor 15 km long, 200 wide lake covering 10.42% area connecting the flanking rivers


Evolving comprehensive facilities to match future demands.

We persistently try to innovate sustainable solution.


Best Township demands healthy grooming and support facilities for the society.

We dream to socialize with the essence of true bonding for a quality neighborhood.


Paramount dedication for people, communities and environment.

We strive to be the best in everything we do for Life and Living.


Highest standards of quality governance through processes and practices.

We assure smart governance to stimulate transparency, integrity, compliance, safety, security and accountability.